Top 10 Most Influential Business Leaders in 2021 by The Indian Alert

New Delhi [India], October 6: They say ‘successful entrepreneurs are made, not born.’ The Indian Alert, in association with Digisharks Communications, is proud to present the list of Top 10 Most Influential Business Leaders in 2021 from various industry sectors who have changed the business world with their innovative ideas and professionalism.

1 Dr. Harpreet Pasricha – Renowned diet and weight loss consultant: Dr. Harpreet Pasricha is the Founder of Diet Dr Clinic and an admired nutritionist & weight loss expert. With over 21 years of experience in the wellness space, she is also a columnist for various magazines and author of Nourish with Food & Flourish with Health.

Her concept of detoxification, rejuvenation, nourishment and maintenance is a theory of a healthier tomorrow.

Diet Dr Clinic, a leading nutrition clinic chain in India, with 30 talented nutritionists pan India, functions actively with the E-clinics, providing clinical nutrition, weight management, sports, and pediatric nutrition expertise.

2 Vanhishikha Bhargava: Part-marketer and part-writer Vanhishikha Bhargava is a SaaS whizz who creates strategies for B2B companies and has invested her passion into her venture, Contensify. What started as a one-woman army is now an entire team of like-minded individuals, people from different backgrounds but with one goal; to create content that helps startups establish a lasting digital presence.
An engineering graduate, Vanhishikha combines technology and storytelling. With Contensify, she aims is to diversify and expand content marketing, at the same time creating a growth funnel. It’s an ecosystem where work and learning go hand in hand. It’s a unique model that strives to educate both; the marketers as well as the brands.

3 Dr. Dilip Damodar Donekar: Awarded the Champion of Change award in 2021; Dr. Dilip Donekar is a well-known Naturopath in India who offers comprehensive and holistic wellness therapy for healthy living through Naturopathic treatment. He is currently the CEO of Donekar Group of companies and the director of DGC Naturopathy Heart & Cancer Care centre and Donekar Ayurveda Pvt. Ltd., which are dedicated to offering treatments for chronic and complicated diseases using natural remedies to help the body heal it. He specialises in the treatment of various forms of cancer and also provides treatment for various problems related to the skin as well as diabetes, kidney stone, blood pressure and HIV

4 Gaurav Abrol- CEO of Cogent E-Services Pvt. Ltd: Gaurav Abrol, the CEO of Cogent E-Services Private Limited, has been in the industry since the new-gen technological revolution took off. He has ensured that Cogent leads through superior technology and is now ready for the level-next of Customer Interaction by foraying into futuristic technologies such as AI, NLP, and ML. This technological advantage enables it to assume responsibility for delivering end-customers with the aforementioned new-age interactive experience and robust and cost-efficient solutions to its clients.

While Cogent has a strong focus on technology, people have always made up their core strength. With its robust workforce of over 11,000 employees, Cogent is a unique managed services entity with a focus on customer interaction management

5 Deepak Sahni – CEO & Founder of Healthians: With over two decades of expertise in healthcare, marketing and technology, Mr. Deepak Sahni is a self-taught serial entrepreneur who is passionate about healthcare and is credited with pioneering the wellness trend in the Indian healthcare industry; he is actively pursuing his passion of starting a new-age diagnostic business, at Healthians, trusted by over 2MN households.

From being named one of Asia’s Top 25 Healthcare Technology CEOs to being chosen as Forbes India’s Leaders in Healthcare 2021, he is one of the most influential business leaders in 2021.

6 Jyotsna Reddy: A renowned personality in beauty science, Beauty tycoon Jyotsna Reddy is an ingenious entrepreneur who extended her passion with her beauty line Twenty Beauty. This beautypreneur holds a fan base of millions on social media in the South Asian region. She pursued an international baccalaureate specialised in economics and visual arts. A graduate of industrial Pharma & cosmetic science, and an advocate of inclusivity, Jyotsna has curated products enriched with cosmeceuticals with a blend of technology harmonising diversity.

She created a dynamic beauty community where each individual inspires and embraces the other. Also, to encourage a culture of collaboration and innovation in the company, she enabled a plethora of compartmentalised channels to unleash the creative potential of every individual to align with the aura of the brand’s vision in the organisation. With perseverance and creativity, she has worked relentlessly hard to foster and empower women and children through her foundation named after the brand itself – Twenty Foundation.

7 Anas Khan- CEO of Anas Handicraftts: Mr. Anas Khan, the CEO of Anas Handicraftts, is taking the mission and vision of a 47-Year-Old award-winning brand of handcrafted, handmade carving furniture forward. Promoting Indian art globally, he has won more than 50 national and international awards, including the Right Choice Awards 2020 and Best Sofa Designs of the Year 2021. Anas Hadicraftts employs over 15,000 people all over India. Mr. Khan has a good following across all social media, which includes his YouTube Channel Furniture Guru.

Leading from the front, Mr Anas Khan has built this brand with heart and soul, ‘Dil Se Desi’.

8 Manoj Mittal – Digital Transformation Officer: Having spent nearly three decades in the IT industry, Manoj Mittal is one of today’s most charismatic Business Leaders.

A foundation’s persistence is crucial to digital transformation performance, and having a central leader at the forefront is critical. Manoj is steering a transition with a large-scale corporate vision that embraces digital innovation.

He is a vibrant entrepreneur with a strategic and innovative approach to working with companies and groups.

Being a thought leader and a keynote speaker, he has also presented his perspectives for academic institutions and participated in the NASSCOM initiative.

9 Sabarna Roy- Senior Engineering Professional & Renowned Author: In addition to having spent 26 years with Electrosteel Group out of a total professional experience of 32 years, Sabarna Roy is a dedicated participant in the International Commission on Irrigation & Drainage’s many activities. An ardent reader who began writing during his university years, Mr. Roy is a Goodreads author and a phenomenal speaker with outstanding ratings and reviews. He has written seven highly acclaimed and successful literary fictional works and co-authoring two technical books over the years.

From being an author and a champion in his workplace to earning many honours in a row, his inspirational efforts, well-written books, and charisma unquestionably make him one of the most influential business leaders of 2021.

10 Rishabh Chokhani – Founder of Naturevibe Botanicals: Rishabh is the Founder of Naturevibe Botanicals, manufacturers of one of the best quality botanical products in India. His physical transformation made him realise he wanted to motivate others too—to adopt a healthier lifestyle. During his journey, he came across the concept of Botanicals – the science of plants and decided to amalgamate it with Ayurveda. This unique concept appealed to the western world.

During the pandemic, under Rishabh’s leadership, his research team studied the health benefits of various organic foods. It started manufacturing the best quality products to help people build a natural and strong immunity shield against COVID-19.

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