Mr. Ajay Kakar: The man spearheading Parasoft to new heights

New Delhi (India), February 8: Ajay Kakar is now a name to reckon with. He was recently awarded as the most promising entrepreneur by non-other than the Economic Times. His vision, his dedication and his business acumen has taken Salve Pharma to the next level, in a very short span.

In 2006 Mr. Ajay was in the profession of Pharmaceutical distribution. He had many pharma companies with him at that time, and he used to distribute their products to various wholesalers. Although he says that it was sheer luck and an opportune moment of his life, but we would say that a business man like Mr. Ajay paves his own future and with a vision like his, even time relents to send the best of available opportunities his way. It was his vision and business sense which could make him see a company which was into skin care products, as stagnating and not doing so well. This made him approach the owner of the brand and convince him to sell the same to him. The acquisition of these products was the starting point of Salve Group of Companies.

Salve started off as a marketing company at first, but slowly and gradually under his able leadership, Salve started to manufacture its own products. In his own words “We used to sell products under Salve, but the same were being produced by some other manufacturing company. Since I have a knack for excellence, thus any bad review used to make me think how the same can be dealt with and how excellent reviews could be garnered for my company. This led me to setup my own manufacturing unit, and this was the first step towards what you see as Salve, as a group, today.”

It was intriguing to learn the transition from a seller to a manufacturer and in those times when new businesses used to be a very well thought off a strategy, this definitely looked to us a very big step by Mr. Ajay Kakar. The important thing to learn from him was his planning the course on which he was about to set his company, the expenses of a manufacturing unit, and the intricacies with which a huge man-power is to be handled, was something we were now interested to learn from him. Ajay

Kakar says “I knew very well what I was going to enter into, and I was a bit scared and also apprehensive, but nothing could deter my determination. We had a fairly good idea of selling the product in the market, and had seen the acceptability of my products too, this helped, and the rest demanded some planning a little foresight and we saw ourselves handling a full-fledged manufacturing unit, of our own. Today the products of Salve Pharma are sold PAN India. We had a good hold on the markets of North India, but today we have good presence in the West as well.”

Since skin care products have a huge acceptability in the Indian market but during Covid pandemic everything had come to a standstill. We now wanted to know how he survived. Mr. Ajay Kakar was very enthusiastic in his reply to this, and he told us that “during pandemic our sales got hugely impacted and we were very frantically trying to find ways of wriggling out. This led me to look towards more options of selling and digital world looked as the most viable to me. I did a digital marketing course online, and got our web-site redesigned to suit online sales. Also, we looked upon online portals like Amazon and Flipkart and I learnt the ways to onboard these portals. The sales started to pick up soon after, and today we are rated as the Number One seller on Amazon.”

Parasoft and Firmer are the two best known brands of Salve Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. and Parasoft among the two is the bestselling product online. Salve Pharma is a company which has carved a special place in the Indian market and from among a plethora of skin care products, Salve pharma’s products are rated as the best, by the buyers, as well.

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