Huts and Looms making waves with its unique socio-economic model

New Delhi (India), June 28: With its remarkable contribution to the handloom industry and unwavering commitment to the socio-economic upliftment of the artisans, Huts and Looms is turning tides towards conscious luxury and sustainability. The company is built on a one-of-a-kind blend of traditional weaving techniques, contemporary designs, and sustainable practices. Emerging as a frontrunner in the affordable luxury handloom segment, the brand has captured the hearts of customers in India and overseas. By infusing modern designs with the time-honored craft of weaving, Huts and Looms creates a bridge between the past and the present, celebrating the rich heritage of handloom while keeping up with evolving fashion trends.

What sets Huts and Looms apart is its visionary approach to the handloom industry. When founders and partners Jaya Saha and Tufan Saha embarked on their entrepreneurial journey together, they set out with a shared commitment to sustainability and a passion for fashion. Therefore, their vision for Huts and Looms goes beyond mere profit-making. They aspire to make handlooms and handcrafted fashion accessible worldwide while creating an economically beneficial model for the weaving community. 

Extending its impact far beyond the realm of fashion, the brand’s core mission involves uplifting the artisans who dedicate their lives to an age-old craft. By providing a platform for these skilled weavers to showcase their talent, Huts and Looms ensures that their artistry is recognized and valued. The company follows a direct weaver-to-customer shopping approach, eliminating intermediaries and ensuring that the weavers receive fair compensation for their work. This socio-economic empowerment lies at the heart of Huts and Looms’ ethos, as they strive to create a sustainable model that supports the livelihoods of these artisans.

Huts and Looms employ innovative inventory management practices to ensure the shortest possible delivery lead times in the industry, providing customers with a hassle-free, seamless, and professional process. They understand the importance of customer support and go the extra mile to offer a personalized touch throughout the online shopping journey. Moreover, they are committed to minimizing their environmental impact by utilizing sustainable packaging materials that are entirely free from plastic and promote reusability.

Looking to the future, Huts and Looms have ambitious plans for expansion and growth, aiming to establish itself as a global leader in the affordable luxury handloom segment. The path-breaking work of Huts and Looms has earned them numerous accolades, including the prestigious Indian Achiever’s Award for Best Promising Start-up in 2021. Their success not only shines a light on their exceptional products but also highlights their dedication to the upliftment of artisans and the promotion of socially responsible practices in the handloom industry. More than just a company; Huts and Looms is a beacon of hope for weavers, an advocate for sustainability, and a champion for social entrepreneurship. 

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