Beyond Software Development: Technource CEO Honoured as Mr. Ahmedabad Personality at Starstruck E1

Founder and CEO of Technource Private Limited, Sanjay Singh Rajpurohit, was honored with the prestigious title of “Mister Ahmedabad Personality” on June 9th, 2024. The finale event held at the luxurious Rajpath Club Diamond Hall, filled the evening with glamour and festivity.

Additionally, the Placement Coordinator at LJ University, Dhvani Shah, was recognized as “Madam Ahmedabad Personality”

Starstruck was the exclusive personality pageant behind the event. Vinny Ritu Agarwal, a young business coach, founded Starstruck to promote self-love and confidence in Ahmedabad. Recognizing a market need, she

aims to address mental health issues, drawing from her experience since starting at the age of 17.

It marked its debut in Ahmedabad with a cultural moment to instigate a shift in culture through poise, elegance, and self-love. The auditions held on May 10 and 11th received over 1000 applications, with candidates being ranked based on confidence and introductions, without considering looks, height,

gender, profession, or beauty. Starstruck aims to thrive on a platform where everyone is offered equal opportunity and fame. From the auditions, 300

semi-finalists were shortlisted, and the top 16 finalists proceeded to the finale.

Ainakwala presents Starstruck, powered by Optimize IV in association with Nature-o-Care and Gym Lounge Bharat, with the support of style sponsor Kashk Clothing – Ritu Agarwal and My Salounge. Starstruck

extended its gratitude to its supporters, including Handpicked Secrets for

gifting and invite, SMS for PR support, Mac Studios for photo/video services, Navediym catering as food partner, Kaushik Outdoor, Falcon Fighter Force,

My FM, and Pacholi Wellness as Starstruck skincare partner.

The finalists then underwent comprehensive self-exploration, including communication skills, sales and marketing, emotional intelligence, and body language training, guided by Vinny Ritu Agarwal, the director of Anantkarya Solutions, along with Jaimil Joshi, a fashion choreographer.

After this, the finalists were provided with expert workshops from industry experts such as Dr. Mrugesh (founder of Optimize IV), Rachna Tated (founder of Ainakwala), Mayank Joshi (founder of Sun Pathology), and

Tathya Macwan (founder of Mac Studios). Additionally, they received skin treatments from Pacholi Wellness before the finale.

The finale judges were Jashh Bahal, a well-known Bollywood actor,

Darshan Somaiya, India’s own millionaire mentor, and Zeel Ritu Agarwal, a fashion designer and the youngest recipient of the Dada Saheb Phalke


Judges asked many questions to Sanjay Singh Rajpurohit. Here’s how he answered some of them.

Sanjay Rajpurohit – “I was asked, “What advice do you have for the audience here?”. I said, as a business owner and individual, I’d suggest everyone here focus on strengthening their basics. Make sure your

foundation is solid. With strong fundamentals, you can recover even from tough times.

After that, they asked me, “What does life mean to you?”. I replied, “I used to believe that money is everything as it brings power and respect. But as

time went on, I realized that mental stability is more important than money. Everyone should prioritize activities that promote mental well-being.” Well, there were many more questions.”

Sanjay continued – ” I also advised my team at the office to engage in

extracurricular activities and pursue their passions outside of work. However, it’s important to smartly balance both aspects of life. Understand when to step out of the work environment while also meeting the demands of your corporate life and career. Pursue your passions and career goals wisely.”

The finale took place on June 9th at Rajpath Club Diamond Hall, starting at 6 pm. It was a luxurious event with a red carpet, two walk rounds, and a Q&A session. Afterward, the crown winner was revealed. Many VIPs, dignitaries, and sponsors attended the finale. All finalists received a membership from

Gym Lounge Bharat.

The crown winner, Sanjay Singh Rajpurohit and Dhvani Shah will receive an opportunity to be the face of Ainakwala and Kashk Clothing, as well as

the Starstruck Edition 2. They will also receive gifts from Optimize IV and Pacholi Wellness, a scholarship from Anantkarya Solutions for business

training, and products from Nature O Care.”

The event was managed by Dahyskrr and curated and marketed by

Anantdekho Solutions.